25+ Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Moms

Hey All!  What’s breakfast like at your house?  At ours it’s like a pack of hungry wolves emerge, waiting to feed.  If I let it breakfast can become very stressful and since I’ve started eating healthier skipping it isn’t an option.  So to make things easier on all of us I’ve pulled together 30 healthy breakfast recipes for the busy mom.

(**I use Trim Healthy Mama for my diet plan.  This means that I alternate between low carb meals and low-fat meals.  An S will designate low-carb while an E is low-fat.  I can’t say enough about how much I love this plan.  Be sure to check it out!)

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Easy Healthy Breakfasts for the Busy Mornings:

Scrambled eggs with zucchini (S) – Okay, so I have a new love for scrambled eggs since trying Gordon Ramsey’s method.  I use sour cream in place of the crème fraiche.  Saute up some zucchini on the side for a super quick and healthy breakfast.  You can check out the steps here.  

Fried Eggs with Okra (S) – Sometimes the simplest things are the best. I love to fry some eggs in yummy coconut oil and serve with okra on the side.

Peanut butter whip (S) – Did you know that on Trim Healthy Mama you can eat dessert for breakfast?  It’s true!  Also, because it’s sugar-free there are no nasty carb crashes.  This is one of my favorite quick fixes when I need something sweet.

Oatmeal with cinnamon (E) – Now please don’t pick up the box of instant oatmeal…nope, nope, nope.  Just 5 quick minutes on the stove and you can top with all sorts of goodies.  To keep it simple I add salt, lots of cinnamon, and my favorite sweetener.  

Fried Berry Taco (S) – This recipe is one of my new favorites.  I love to use fresh blueberries and fry it up in my air fryer.  YUM!

Healthy Breakfast Toast (E)– This simple recipe is sprouted grain toast topped with Laughing Cow Cheese & all fruit jelly.  I have this with coffee & collagen to up the protein.

Instant Pot Oatmeal (E) – I love steel-cut oats in the Instant Pot.  This recipe looks great, but leave off the maple syrup and put in a plan approved sweetener instead.

BLT on low carb wrap (S) – Bacon, lettuce, and tomato rolled into a low carb wrap.  This is another one of my favorites.  Who doesn’t love bacon?

Egg white sandwich (E) – 2 slices of sprouted grain (I like to toast them) topped with laughing cow cheese and egg whites.  You can also add tomatoes and spinach for a real treat!

Cottage berry whip (FP) – Even if you don’t love cottage cheese you need to try this recipe.  See the video here.

Healthy Breakfast on the go:

Breakfast BurritoPrep Ahead Boiled Eggs – These can be made easier with the Instant Pot!  Keep a batch and you will always have a quick protein option available.

Egg Muffins (Prep Ahead) – Keeping a batch of these in the fridge every week makes a super easy grab and go breakfast.  Plus they are fairly easy to mix up.  The worst part is waiting for them to cook.

Baked oatmeal cups (Prep Ahead) – I LOVE to have a batch of these waiting to go.  You can also change them up by using different kinds of berries.  I make mine in batches of muffins.

Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos – This is hands down my favorite grab and go item.  They do require a little work in advance, but they make a huge batch and they reheat quickly.

Yogurt with berries and nuts – A simple trick is to add frozen berries to a jar full of yogurt and head out the door.  The frozen berries will thaw through the yogurt and it will be delicious.

Yogurt with all fruit jelly and granola – This is an E version of the yogurt.  You can also add berries to this one.  Just be sure that you use an on plan granola.

Smoothies – A quick Pinterest trip will serve you up all kinds of healthy smoothies (or shakes) that are THM compatible.  If your blender has blend and go cups you have just shaved off another step.  I’m all about the time savers!

Bulletproof coffee – This quick drink is all the rage right now and is easy to take on the go.  Just as an additional note, I don’t make a habit of having this too often, but it is a nice grab and go option.  I always add collagen.  You can get the full scoop on bulletproof coffee here.

Healthy Breakfast for the Family:

Sausage Breakfast Cabbage (S) – Prior to our healthy changeover we would not have even looked at this recipe.  We were NOT cabbage for breakfast people, but man I’m sooooo glad I tried it!  It is absolutely delicious.

Pancakes (E) – Since we try to avoid white flour & sugar we use ground oats for our pancakes.  I wasBreakfast Rice skeptical at first, but I’m telling you these are great!  Top them with fresh fruit or sugar-free syrup and your whole family will love them.

Omelets (S) – I love omelets because they can be customized to every member of the family. Plus it’s a great way to get your veggies in!  Check out some great looking recipes here and here.

Poached eggs (S or S Helper) –  My favorite way to serve these is on a piece of sprouted grain.  I top with ham, cheese sauce, and tomatoes.  Yum!  (If you do the recipe this way it will be an S Helper, but I do eat those on occasion.)

Breakfast rice (E) – I know you are probably thinking, “What?  Rice for breakfast?”  Trust me on this though.  Be sure that you use egg whites instead of whole eggs to keep it in E mode, otherwise, you will have an XO.

Egg stuffed peppers (S) – Eggs, peppers, and cheese.  What could be yummier?

French toast (E) – French toast is pretty easy to “healthify.”  Simple swap your regular bread for sprouted grain and use egg whites as opposed to real eggs in your batter.  As opposed to gobs of grease or butter just lightly spray your skillet with cooking spray.  Top these with sugar-free syrup or fresh fruit for a delicious E meal that feels bad even if it’s not.

So there you have it some of my favorite healthy breakfast recipes.  Do you have a favorite?  If so hit reply and let me know what it is.

Are mornings hectic at your house? Mine too! Check out my 25 plus healthy breakfast recipes that are just for busy moms. These are even THM compatible.



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