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Filling In the Gaps: Homeschooling Special Needs Kids

Moms of special needs kids – gifted, 2E (twice exceptional), and special needs – get to hear it all.

“Aren’t you just handicapping him?”

“If you give her accommodations, she’ll never be able to do it on her own!”

And the one we tell ourselves, time and time again:

“What will people think?”

Filling In the Gaps

Raising a special needs child – whatever those needs are – is an amazing experience in a lot of ways. However, it also means that your “normal” isn’t…well, normal. Conventional wisdom doesn’t apply because your child isn’t conventional.

Where do you find the balance?

Filling In the Gaps

How do you teach your child the skills they’ll need while accommodating for their difficulties? How do you deal with the insecurities that pop up (both from others and from yourself) while doing what you hope is right for your child?

I’ve been there. Boy, have I been there! And I’ve come through it intact – as has my son!

You can read about our journey in a guest post I was honored to write at Year Round Homeschooling. Come on over and check it out!

And as a follow-up, you can be part of an online Homeschool Chit Chat this Wednesday night at Year Round Homeschooling Mom’s Community! Just go on over and request to join, and then join Misty and me. We’ll be chatting about different experiences, answering questions, and having  a great time – and we’d love you to join us!



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