Homeschool Mom Fitness for You AND the Kids!

Throughout my son’s childhood, he kept me hopping…mentally.

He stayed plenty active, joining in a variety of sports, Scouts, active church activities, and more.

I drove.

And sat and watched.

And drove some more.

Homeschool Mom Fitness

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When I wasn’t driving, I was sitting at the computer looking up ideas to teach my non-stop kiddo.

And when I wasn’t doing that, I was snuggled up on the couch reading with him, or sitting at the table with him, or standing nearby while he tried out his newly-gained cooking chops.

I stayed plenty busy. But I wasn’t active.

And after a few years, it caught up with me. Boy, did it catch up with me.

I was stressed, I was tired, I went up a few clothing sizes, and I couldn’t get on top of things.

I got sick easily and couldn’t keep up, but nothing I tried worked.

So I sort of just decided that this was what life had for me and ignored it.

When my son was in high school, I went back to work part-time at a local education supply and book store.

And boy, did I start moving!

Truck shipments, stock resets, and running from one end of the store to another to help a customer.

Suddenly, the “life caught up with me” pounds started to drop.

People who hadn’t seen me in a few weeks or months noted how much thinner I looked or how much more energy I had.

Apparently, moving will do that. Who knew?


But How Do You Fit in Fitness?

This was the million-dollar question when my son was younger. (It’s even a million-dollar question today!)

I understood the benefit of exercise, but I was already up to my eyeballs in everything else.

The prospect of going to bed an hour later (or heaven forbid, getting up even earlier) just didn’t work for me.

Well, Heather at Life of a Homeschool Mom has figured out the solution. And it’s one that actually works!

Life of a Homeschool Mom

Being a homeschool mom herself, she gets it.

She understands the schedule, the pressure, and the tendency to take care of everyone else first.

So she and her husband – a certified personal trainer – devised a plan that will work for just about any family!

It’s an eight-week program that comes with clear instructions and only takes – I kid you not –  5 minutes at various times during the day. And you can include your kids!

The exercises consist of strength, cardio, and core, and require no equipment.

This is the perfect solution for the times when your kids need a movement break!

They can just do it along with you – and instead of you watching them run, jump, and hike, you can get active with them.

And because you choose the snippets of time throughout the day, you don’t even have to adjust your schedule. Just your activity level!

The program is set up to meet the needs of any level, whether you’re a beginner or already fairly active.

Homeschool Mom Fitness

What About Accountability?

The great thing about this program, being written by a homeschool family, is that it takes our crazy schedules into account.

It comes with access to accountability and support from other homeschool moms, nutritional advice and recipes, and lots of tips.

There’s even advice to help you manage common issues like stress, joint issues, and more.

The Real Deal

Each year when the school year ramps up, we homeschool parents tend to put ourselves on the back burner.

Lesson plans, teaching, driving, co op, housework, and everything else come first.

And by mid-way through the year, we’re tired, stressed, and burned out.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

It seems ironic that little bits of intentional movement can make that big of a difference, but they can.

Due to an injury, I haven’t been able to work out in approximately a year…and I’m feeling it.

Now that I’m finally starting to heal up, I want to get moving again, but I need to do so in a way that won’t cause me to overdo it.

I can do short workouts, but nothing extensive.

This is something that works for me!

I normally don’t recommend specific fitness programs, but this one’s worth it.

It’s not only designed to help you reach your fitness goals, but it can also help your kids develop great habits.

And it does so in a way that’s easy to integrate into your day!

The best part about it, in my opinion…it’s not a monthly fee or some exorbitant membership charge.

It’s under $30.00, y’all. 

And right now, it’s 50% off!

You get lifetime access, trackers, and support – and while there is a schedule for you to follow, it’s designed to easily be self-paced.

Check It Out!

If this sounds like it might work for you, I’d encourage you to check the program out.

I was kind of hesitant at first, but once I read up on it, I was hooked. And hey, right now, it’s on sale!


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