Homeschool Inspiration for When You are Weary

Have you ever been weary?  I sure have!  Sometimes as a busy homeschool mom, weariness can creep in on us, ever so slowly, and steal our joy like a thief in the night.  The days, hours, and minutes can seem extraordinarily long as a homeschool mom.  Today I hope to provide some homeschool inspiration for when you are weary.

homeschool mom with 3 kids holding a "help" sign

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See, I’m a weary expert. 

After four years of homeschooling, I hit a brick wall.  If I’m honest with myself I should have been able to see it coming; it had been creeping up for years.  It just happened to be during that particular year that I hit my lowest point.  At the time my girls were smaller, only 6 & 9. The oldest was wrestling with multiplication while the youngest was struggling to read.  I felt like a failure.  They needed all of me, and I had nothing to give.  I was tired; physically, spiritually, and mentally.

So how did I stop being weary as a homeschool mom?

To find out how I crossed my brick wall and fought off weariness check out the rest of my post here at The Character Corner.  I have been super blessed to be a part of Kathie’s 30 days of Homeschool Encouragement & Inspiration series.  Be sure to check back each day so you can be encouraged on your homeschool journey.

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