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Homeschool Support – How Important Is It & Where Can I Find It?

Do you have a homeschool support system?

I can still vividly remember when I first decided to take the plunge to homeschool.  I was TERRIFIED!  See, while I am all in for this homeschooling gig, it wasn’t initially my idea.  My oldest daughter attended a public preschool.  We were blessed to have a fantastic experience this year, with a teacher that was top notch.  At the end of that year, my husband brought up the prospect of homeschooling.  That’s right; it was his idea, not mine.

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Guess what though, in that season God sent me a lifeline.  It came in the form of a good friend.  One with two homeschooled girls just a smidge older than my own.  To this day she is STILL my lifeline.  She has always been a phone call away when I needed her.

About the same time, my best friend also decided to homeschool.  One friend was my lifeline, and the other was my buoy.  We learned to navigate these waters together.  She’s been my homeschool support during the good times & the bad.  My husband has been my anchor through it all.

Maybe you ask where the good Lord fits into my homeschool support system?

Why he’s driving the ship of course.  Without him, I would be lost and aimlessly drifting.  He’s the main reason we left the shore to begin with.  We wanted our children to not only have a high-quality education but also grow into adults of character and learn to love the Lord.

So is homeschool support important?

Yes, undoubtedly yes every time.  You see homeschooling can strain a homeschooling parent to no end.  The stress of it is enough to break any average human.  Being solely responsible for the outcome of a person’s education is a daunting task.  On top of that, we also manage multiple children with multiple personalities and levels of education.  It’s no small task.  I firmly believe that support is vital.

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So by now, you are probably wondering where you can find this support right?

You can find support in your family – Hopefully, you are blessed with a supportive homeschool system in your own family.  As I mentioned, my hubby has been my rock throughout our homeschooling journey.  Maybe your spouse will be slow to come around to the idea of homeschooling.  Give it time; often the results will speak louder than any words can.

I’ll be honest; homeschooling was not always a popular idea with some of our extended family.  However, over time they have seen the results and the successes of our homeschool.  In the beginning, it was hard to go against the norm, especially when my own family doubted me.  Now they are supportive and helpful.  Sometimes even the littlest things (like babysitting so she can go to the store alone) are the biggest blessing to a homeschool mom.

You can find support in your local homeschool group – Do you have a local homeschool group?  If you aren’t sure, then investigate and find out.  Usually, a quick search with your state name and homeschool will give you a good starting point.  In our state, we have a main state group, but we also have several local homeschool co-ops and associations as well.

My homeschool group has been a vital part of my homeschool journey.  These ladies KNOW what I’m going through because they are walking it too.  Sometimes, a spouse doesn’t understand the constant tug and pull on a homeschool mom’s soul.  These people do though.  They are right there with me. 

Those with children older than my own have often helped me with curriculum problems and given suggestions on how to correct behavior.  Chances are if I’m having the problem then they’ve had it before as well.  They’ve been my shoulder to cry on and my cheerleaders when I needed them most.

You can find support online – Last, but certainly not least, you can find excellent support groups online.  Sometimes a few quick keystrokes can give you answers to your most pressing questions.  The best thing about online groups is that they are available when you need them and from the comfort of your own home.

Sometimes as busy homeschool moms it’s impossible for us to get out of the house, or even have a phone conversation.  A quick search on Facebook will pop up several homeschool groups.  You may have to search around a bit to find your fit, but I bet there’s one out there for you.

(Shameless Plug – You are always welcome in my group, Homeschool Well on a Budget.  We are a crazy bunch; sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always encouraging.)

Do you have a homeschool support system?  I hope so.  If not what are you waiting for? Find one today!

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