Why I Refuse to Be “JUST” a Mom


Do you ever feel like motherhood is a thankless profession?  It seems so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t it?  We live in a world that measures the success of a person’s life in achievements, and material things.  The things we have, or lack thereof, define us. Suddenly we are looked at as “just” mom.  Maybe that isn’t all of it?  What if we could consider what we are gaining, instead of what we left behind? Perhaps we should focus on the bigger picture.  Would our view of motherhood change?

Do you feel like motherhood is a thankless profession? See why I refuse to be just another mom.

“Just” Another Mom?

Ten years ago I left a profitable career to become a full-time mom.  It was my dream job, and I had found a small measure of success. Everyone thought I was crazy.  Why would I give it all up “JUST” to be a mom?  This friend is one of the great downfalls of our society, the words “just a mom.”

This morning I held my growing 7-year-old daughter on my lap for morning snuggles.  I fed her breakfast.  Then together we washed her hair and brushed it until it was shiny.  I have taught her how to walk, to talk, to read, and to tie her shoes.  She probably doesn’t think of me as “just” another mom.  This morning I asked her what she loved about her mom.  Guess what she said?  She said she loves that I am fun, that I take care of her, and that I love her.  Funny, she didn’t mention my college degree, or the type of vehicle I drive.  She doesn’t care about my salary or how big our house is.

So what if just for today we looked at ourselves through their eyes.  What do your children see when they look at you?  I doubt for one second my daughter thinks about I’m missing my high calling to be an accountant.  It probably never crosses her mind that I could have made more money balancing someone’s books.  No, she just sees her mommy.  The woman who snuggles her when she’s tired, feeds her when she’s hungry, and holds her when she’s sick.

More than likely our kids never see us as “just” moms.  

I hope she sees her biggest fan.  Someday she may achieve a level of greatness that I could never imagine for her life.  Maybe she holds the cure for cancer or will build schools in Africa.  Maybe she will lead 1000’s of people to the Lord.  Without a supportive mother, she may have never even learned to read. Perhaps she will “just” be a mom.  Guess what; I will be happy with that.

Today I pray she sees a steady rock in an often chaotic world.  That I am always her safe place to land, her shelter when times get tough, and her sounding board during times of trouble.  For now, I am her maid, her cook, her nurse, and her chauffeur.  See, this profession can never be summed up with the word “just.”

I believe if I could see myself through her eyes I would be amazed at the sight. 

See motherhood is one of God’s greatest blessings.  For a short time you lay down yourself, and you start to live for someone else.  It grows a love so deep, and so pure, that no one else can even understand it.  Let’s not sell it short.  Please don’t define yourself as “just” a mom.  Still have trouble believing it?  Ask your kids what you mean to them.  For a moment look at yourself through their eyes.

“There never was a woman like her. She was gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness… The memory of my mother and her teachings were, after all, the only capital I had to start life with, and on that capital I have made my way.”
– Andrew Jackson, U.S. President

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