Learn About Mexico with a Geography Study!

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I’ve always enjoyed learning about different countries and cultures, and I love teaching about them. When an opportunity to review a study and coloring book about Mexico became available, I jumped at the chance!

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Working with Mexico: Coloring Book & Geography Study by Tap and Katie Horner of Paradise Praises has proven to be a lot of fun. I’ve learned some fascinating things!

What makes this even more fun is that as I write this, my son is serving with a missionary family in central Mexico.

As I learn more about the people, country, and culture from him, I also have the chance to study it on my own.

Come along with me and find out more!

Mexico Coloring Book & Geography Study

Over the years, we have done some fun units on Mexico. We’ve studied about Christmas in Mexico, the Mayas and Aztecs, and the Conquistadors.

Something we had never learned about, however, is the actual geography, government, and details of history.

It’s not that we didn’t want to. Rather, I realized that I had never found a resource that provided both the structure and freedom to do so.

I simply didn’t know enough about these things to design my own study, and the books I found at the library were either far too basic or far too detailed.

This is no longer an issue!

With this study it is easy and fun to learn about the geography, people, government, and history of Mexico.

Tap and Katie Horner are missionaries in Mexico, as well as being homeschool parents themselves.

They have taken the time to share their knowledge of this beautiful country with us!

In this book, you will find the following:

  • Instructions in both English and Spanish
  • Blackline maps for each of the 31 states plus the Federal District (el Distrito Federal)
  • Reproducible notebook pages for the following:
    • Biography (2 pages)
    • Demographics
    • Coat of Arms and Motto for state studies (the state symbols)
    • Geography
    • State History
    • Historical Monument

Each of these pages can be used multiple times. They are also each available in both English and Spanish!

Because this study is bilingual, it can be used effectively by both English and Spanish-speaking families.

And it’s available on Amazon, so it’s easy to order!

Mexico: Coloring Book & Geography Study, Libro de Clorear y un Estudio de los Estados de MexicoMexico: Coloring Book & Geography Study, Libro de Clorear y un Estudio de los Estados de Mexico

I really had fun with this study and look forward to using it with upcoming co op students!


I found a lot of “pros” with Mexico: Coloring Book and Geography Study.

It is both structured enough to be easy to use and flexible enough to fit nearly any family.

For example, we have long held to an eclectic unschooling/unit study philosophy. It is just the method that fits my son’s needs the best. While we do use textbooks, worksheets, and notebooking pages, we tend to “tweak” them to our needs.

I really didn’t find much of anything that I would need to tweak! The pages in this study are ready for us to use.

However, they would also be easily used with a textbook/workbook philosophy, classical model, or Charlotte Mason method. They really are that well-made.

This study is easily adjustable to nearly any age student, from upper elementary through high school.

I would happily assign them to a group of 4th-6th grade students, but I would also hand them to my college students to help him gather research.

Honestly, I found them fun to use myself!

The study itself is flexible enough to either be used as a semester or year-long study of Mexico, its history, and its geography and culture or as a short research project.

This means that you can literally use it in the way that fits your family best! If your children really want to dig into a study on Mexico, there is easily enough there to do so.

However, if you just want to take a couple of days or a couple of weeks here and there to study a region, people group, or event in history, the pages are ready to go!

Lastly, the price is right. At $14.97 (at the time this post was published), this book is very affordable and well worth the price.


I honestly can’t think of any, except that I had known about it years ago!

I hope you have as much fun with this study as I did. It will also be fun to add to it when my son returns and shares his experiences. I think it will really add to his knowledge, as well!

Get your copy at Amazon!

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