FREE Printable Meal Planner for the Busy Mom

Are you a meal planner?  I’ve found that I have a MUCH easier time eating healthy, and keeping our budget, with a meal plan.  So guess what…..I’ve designed a printable meal planner just for you!

Why do I love a meal planner?

  • It keeps me away from the drive-thru:  I am the world’s worst for making a 4:00PM call to the hubby to pick up something on the way home.  If I have a solid plan in place it takes this temptation away.  I’ve made some big changes in my diet in the last year or so, so I definitely don’t want to derail those with a weekly drive-thru cheeseburger.  (Related Reading:  The Marathon Approach to a Healthy Diet)
  • It saves me money:  As a former accountant, I am frugal to the core!  If there’s something out there that will save me a dollar you better believe I’m going to use it.  With my meal plan, I can shop the upcoming sales for the week and also minimize waste.  Plus that drive-thru stop is expensive!
  • It saves me time:  When I meal plan I use a lot of “cook once, eat twice” ideas, also known as leftovers.  As a busy homeschool mom, I feel like I am constantly in the kitchen.  If I plan my leftovers just right this takes some of the work away.

(Need some easy ideas to add to your meal plan? Check out my Instant Pot Recipe Round-Up)

What will you find in my meal planner?

I’m glad you asked because there’s a lot of GREAT stuff in here.  The printable includes:

  1. Weekly Meal Planning Sheet
  2. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Favorites List
  3. Printable Shopping List
  4. Printable 12-month calendar (for my monthly planners)

Best of all this planner was designed with YOU in mind.  It’s especially for the busy homeschool mom!  With multiple lists and planning methods, it makes meal planning a cinch.  So what are you waiting for?

Simply click here and add the Ultimate Meal Planner to your cart and complete the checkout process to receive your FREE printable!  (Please note that by downloading this freebie you are granting me permission to add you to my email list.  Don’t worry, if you are already there you won’t be added twice.) 

Ultimate Meal Planner for the Busy Mom


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