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  • Art History Notebooking Bundle


    With this art history bundle, you’ll have a fun way to study any art movement or artist! You will get two of my most popular items for one low bundle price. The Timeline of the Arts and Art History Notebooking Set give you over 30 pages of resources! In Timeline of the Arts, you will…

  • Art History Notebooking Set

    Art History Notebooking Set


    This 20-page art history set includes notebooking pages for all major art movements between 1200 AD and the present. It correlates perfectly with the Timeline of the Arts! This set of pages is designed to allow your student to record information about the art movement, the artists associated with it, and any major historical events….

  • Art History through the Ages Volume 1 Bundle - Northern and Italian Renaissance

    Art History through the Ages Bundle Set: Volume 1


    This bundle set includes everything you need to easily add art history to your homeschool day! Your children will have fun learning about the masters of the Renaissance. Volume 1 Bundle Set: You’ll receive: *Art History through the Ages, Volume 1: Northern and Italian Renaissance *Art History Notebooking Pages *Timeline of the Arts These resources…

  • Art History through the Ages Volume 1: Northern and Italian Renaissance

    Art History through the Ages: Volume 1


    This study leads your students through learning about great artists of the Northern and Italian Renaissance Period. The Renaissance was period of great change in Europe, and these changes took place in many ways. Many of them can be best understood through art! By learning about artists and their work, we can also learn about…

  • Degas' Dancers Art Study Cards

    Degas’ Dancers Art Study Cards


    Edgar Degas and His Dancers Edgar Degas was a prolific painter and sculptor whose works have fascinated people for over a century. Some of his most famous works are of ballerinas who lived and studied near his home in Paris. In this set, you will find art visuals that you can use for art lessons,…

  • Leonardo da Vinci Unit Study and Notebook Pages

    Leonardo da Vinci Unit Study


    Learn all about the Renaissance artist, scientist, and engineer Leonardo da Vinci with a unit study and notebook pages! This study is appropriate for upper elementary through high school, though it can easily be adjusted for younger children as well.

  • Claude Monet Art Study Cards

    Monet Art study Cards


    Learn About Impressionist Claude Monet! Learn more about early Impressionism with this set of art study cards! This set includes many works from Claude Monet’s early career, dating from 1873 to 1890. You can learn more about him here! Claude Monet was known as the “father of Impressionism.” Although this style is much loved today,…

  • Timeline of the Arts

    Timeline of the Arts


    Are you looking for ways to easily add art and art history to your your lesson plan? This timeline is designed to help you do just that! Art, music, and literature are all impacted by events and thoughts in history. However, they often also impacted history! The Timeline of the Arts will allow your children…

  • Vincent van Gogh Notebooking Pages


    Help your students learn more about Post-Impressionist master Vincent van Gogh with this beautifully designed set of notebooking pages! You can download a sample here. van Gogh’s masterpieces have fascinated people around the world for over a century, but few of us know about his life. With this notebooking page set, your students can delve…