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    A Christmas Carol Unit Study

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    A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a classic Christmas tale. It’s also a fantastic way to introduce your children to the writing of Dickens and the culture of Victorian England! With this unit study, you’ll find a wide variety of resources and activities. There are extensions for history, geography, recipes, Christmas…

  • Ancient Greece Notebooking Pages and Research Guide


    Ancient Greece has been a favorite study in our home for years. While there are a lot of resources out there for it, I’ve always had trouble finding notebook pages that didn’t leave my child staring at a blank page, willing words to appear. However, I also didn’t want him to just do fill-in-the-blank sheets!…

  • Ancient Greece Notebooking Pages for Emerging Writers


    Ancient Greece is so much fun to study. There are just so many interesting stories, people, and topics – but how do you keep it all organized? With a set of notebooking pages and a research guide, of course! This 14-page set is designed for elementary students who are learning to write. There are thought-provoking,…

  • Angels We Have Heard on High Unit Study


    Angels We Have Heard on High is one of the most beloved Christmas carols, and for good reason! With this unit study, you’ll learn about the fascinating story behind the song, learn or listen to it in several different language, find Bible extensions, and more! This unit is great for elementary through high school. It’s…

  • Art History through the Ages, Volume 2: Baroque and Rococo Art


    Many of us find it difficult to add art and art history into our homeschool day. It just seems like there’s not enough time! That is where Art History through the Ages can help. It is designed to blend seamlessly into your history program, helping your children to learn how art, history, religion, culture, and…

  • Clouds Mini Unit and Notebooking Pages

    Clouds Notebooking Unit


    Learn all about clouds and the effect they have on weather with this fun unit study! This set is designed to let your student explore, but also to not overwhelm. (It is summer, after all!) There are vocabulary activities, a “cloud key” to help kids better understand types and heights of clouds, and a fun…

  • Learn About Ukraine!


    Learn about the nation of Ukraine with a fun unit study! Ukraine is facing quite a challenge right now, but there is much more to learn about this country than what we see on the news. In our Learn About Ukraine unit, your elementary and middle school students will learn about: *Geography *Key Facts, Languages,…

  • President Study Bundle


    Learn all about the U.S. Presidents and President’s Day with this fun bundle set! Inside you’ll find: U.S. President Notebooking Set, which includes pages to learn about every U.S. President from George Washington to Donald Trump Writing prompts to help your student explore the job, life, and responsibilities of a U.S. President President report sheet…

  • President’s Day Activity Pack


    Learn all about President’s Day and work on skills with our President’s Day Activity Pack! In this 13-page set, you’ll find: Writing Prompts Presidential Report Sheet, which can be used for any President  President’s Day Review Sheet Have fun learning about our Presidents and President’s Day!

  • State by State Notebooking Set


    Are you looking for an easy and fun way for your kids to learn U.S. Geography? Notebooking pages may be the answer for your state study! State by State Notebooking Set These pages are designed to accompany any state study or to be used on their own. Students can cut and paste images, draw, or…

  • U.S. Presidents Notebooking Set


    U.S. Presidents Notebooking Pages Study each of the 45 American presidents with this set of notebook pages! There is a notebook page for each president, from George Washington to Donald J. Trump. There is plenty of room to learn about each president’s life, political achievements, famous quotes, and more. Download a sample! This set is…