Art History through the Ages: Volume 1




This study leads your students through learning about great artists of the Northern and Italian Renaissance Period.

The Renaissance was period of great change in Europe, and these changes took place in many ways. Many of them can be best understood through art! By learning about artists and their work, we can also learn about thought in history, theology, science, politics, and more.

This study includes resources for elementary through high school and is formatted to either be a stand-alone arts unit or to be integrated with any history curriculum.

Volume 1: Northern and Italian Renaissance

Featured artists include:
*Jan van Eyck
*Albrecht Durer

Additional activities are suggested for history, science, geography, art, and more!

This study also leads directly into Volume 2, where you will learn about the artists and masterpieces of the Baroque and Rococo periods. More volumes are on the way, leading all the way to the art of today!


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