25 Random Acts of Kindness for Families

Hey there!  Do you want to spread some kindness and cheer?  Well, you’re in luck because I have gathered 25 random acts of kindness just for your family.

25 Random Act of Kindness for your family to complete today!

Check out my 25 ideas for random acts of kindness.

1).  Leave gifts for the mailman – Who doesn’t love a cute little gift, just to say we are thinking about you.

2).  Leave a quarter for a shopping cart – Do you have an Aldi in your neighborhood?  Then leave a quarter and let someone have a shopping cart free of charge.

3).  Bake a cake for a neighbor – My girls LOVE to bake and we have wonderful neighbors.  Plus dropping it at their house means my waistline doesn’t have to expand.

4).  Shovel Snow – Do you have an elderlySnow Shovel with Snow person nearby or maybe even a just a neighbor?  Think of how nice it would be for them to come out to a freshly shoveled driveway.

5).  Leave notes for your family– Who doesn’t love a note that is written just because?  You can even get creative with where you stash them!

6).  Invite grandparents for dinner – Both of my girls are really into cooking right now so sometimes they will invite the grandparents for dinner.  They make a big deal out of it and even set the table.  Don’t forget the dessert!

7).  Write a letter to a friend – Be sure to send it old-fashioned snail mail.  There’s just something about the time spent to put on a stamp and walk to the mailbox that makes it extra special.

8).  Donate books to a shelter or a library – Do you have a homeless shelter in your area?  I’m sure they can use some extra children’s books.  If not then check with your local library.

9).  Send someone dessert at a restaurant – A little chocolate might be just the thing to make their day!

10).  Volunteer – There are many great ways to volunteer, especially if you have older kids.  You can check with local churches, soup kitchens, or even animal shelters.


11).  Leave laundry cleaning items at the laundry mat – Think of how excited a small box of detergent or container of fabric softener would make someone at the laundry mat.  This would also be another great place to leave some quarters.  Be sure to leave a note that it’s free for the taking!

12).  Suprise someone with pizza delivery – Know someone who loves pizza?  Why not surprise them with a pizza delivery?

13).  Drop off food at dad’s office – Does dad work in a place with a few co-workers?  Why not drop them off something yummy for lunch or a special dessert?

14).  Letters to the military – There are many programs where you can send special letters to the military.  Send one out thanking them for their service, maybe even include a hand drawn picture.  You could make a soldiers day.

15).  Donate Food – Is there a local food pantry in your area?  You could make a quick grocery store run and drop off canned or dry goods.

16).  Clean the inside of dad’s vehicle – Is it just here or do all dad’s love a clean car?  How about a surprise wipe and vacuum?  Add in an air freshener for good measure.

17).  Make a birdfeeder – Who said kindness has to be just for humans?  You can make a variety of birdfeeders to hang up in the winter or leave nesting items out in the spring.Bird on Birdfeeder

18).  Bake cookies for local service personnel – This could be your local fire department, police station, or ambulance authority.  Just let them know you appreciate them and are thinking of them.

19).  Pay for a drive-thru meal – See that car behind you in the drive-thru?  Why not pay for their meal as well as yours?

20).  Let someone ahead of you in line – Is it just me or do places seem extra crowded when you are in a hurry?  How about letting that person behind you go ahead every now and then?

21).  Send a greeting card just because – It doesn’t have to be Christmas to send a greeting card.  Maybe just pick up one just because.

22).  Leave a kind note in a public place – This can just be a random note, maybe “have a nice day,” or an encouraging saying or poem.

23).  Leave a small gift card for your server – Have you ever thought about how hard a waitress/waiter works, or even a cashier in a grocery store?  You could leave a small gift card with them (or even extra tip) just to brighten their day.

24).  Leave change for someone at the car wash – How many time have you been at the car wash and ran out of quarters?  It seems like it happens to me every time!  Fix this problem for someone else by leaving a small baggie of change.

25).  Leave a small toy at the park – Do you have a local park in your area?  It’s a perfect place to leave a small toy behind for a child.  We have left bubbles and toy cars both before, but the ideas for this one are pretty endless.

So there you go 25 random acts of kindness that your family can complete today!  Hopefully, you can brighten someone’s day.  If you decide to complete random acts of kindness I would LOVE for you to share them with me.  You can just hop over to my Facebook page and share them there!


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  1. Some wonderful ideas! I especially like the laundry soap/quarters at the laundromat. I think we’ll do that one! May God bless you and your family as you spread His love!

  2. Thank You for the kind comment! That is one of my favorites as well. We camp quite a bit in the summer and plan to do the same at the bath houses.

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