Rediscovering You – A Homeschool Mom Makeover (Part 2)

Recently I wrote about how to rediscover yourself as a homeschool mom, and have a mom makeover.  I promised a follow-up post so here it is!  Here are 5 more tips for finding yourself as a Homeschool Mom.  Rediscovering You - Part 2Let’s jump right in!

1).  Find a Hobby

No, reading homeschool books doesn’t count.  Read a good fiction book, just for fun.  Paint a picture, or take some photographs.  Maybe you love to scrapbook.  Even if it’s just for ten minutes a day, do something that is for you.

(What does this look like for me?  I was the WORST for picking up Cathy Duffy in my downtime.  I was living, eating, and sleeping homeschooling.  Now I read just for fun.  Don’t worry, I still consult Cathy when I need to.)

2).  Organize & Delegate

This is essential for a busy homeschool mom.  There’s no way you can do it all, or be it all.  Keeping things organized does help, but you also need to learn to delegate some things.

(What does this look like for me?  I’ve learned that my home runs best on a cleaning schedule, and distance learning has been my saving grace.  It has allowed me to breathe easier on my core subjects, but still have fun with things like science and social studies.)

3).  Learn to Rest

Do you find it hard to rest as a homeschool mom?  I don’t even mean just to sleep, it can just be some downtime, and it may not even mean you are alone.  It just means that you aren’t busy for once.  Even God rested on the 7th day.  Don’t feel guilty for your day (or hour) off.

(What does it look like for me?  Other than church I take Sundays off now.  I do pick up a bit around the house, but not much more than that.  Everyone deserves a rest day!)

4).  Change your Attitude

Stop making excuses and start doing.  If you are unhappy with the situation only you can change it.  At some point, you have to stop looking at everything and being overwhelmed.  Instead, focus on the baby steps you can take to improve your situation.

(What does this look like for me?  I had to learn that I was the only one that could change my circumstances.  If I wanted it I had to get it.  I also had to let go of Pinterest perfection, because it isn’t realistic.)

5).  Unplug 

I know there were several other categories that this could fit in, but I felt it deserved its own spot.  In today’s world, we are constantly connected, and that’s not always a good thing.  Sometimes we need to recharge, and change our focus from CyberSpace to Personal Space.   Plus, it’s easy to waste large amounts of time when we are constantly plugged in.

(What did this look like for me?  I realized being constantly connected to the outside world was causing me quite a bit of stress, as well as using time that could be better devoted to one of my other categories.  Sundays evenings are now mostly Facebook free for me.  Guess what….It’s nice not to feel constantly accessible.  Try it!)

So there you go, five more ways to find yourself again as a homeschool mom.  Do you need extra support on your homeschool journey?  Be sure to join my Facebook group – Secret Society of Homeschool Moms.


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