Sanity Saving Chores – Keeping a Home Neat & Tidy

Hi Friends!  Recently I discussed my tips for designing a cleaning schedule.  In a follow-up, decided to share our home’s daily, and weekly, chores.  Before you view the schedules there are a few things you should know.

Sanity Saving Chores for the Homeschool Mom


  • For the most part, the girls are only responsible for their areas.  For example, when you see vacuum, this is just their bedrooms & hallway.  I take care of the rest.  The same applies to the bathroom.
  • Most days my 10-year-old takes care of lunch.  I fix a big breakfast, as well as dinner, but she takes care of lunch on her own.
  • My kitchen day is on Wednesday.  Our trash collection day is Thursday, so this works well for us.
  • I schedule laundry day on Monday because we are almost always home on Mondays.
  • I typically finish most of my laundry on Monday, but we still wash towels about every other day.
  • Outsides chores fall at the end of the week.  My husband typically mows on the weekend, so this means the yard is clean and waiting.
  • The kids take care of dinner on Friday nights, as long as we are home and not too rushed.  They both enjoy cooking.
  • Chores are not paid in our home.  This seems harsh I know, but they live here too.  It doesn’t feel fair to pay them to clean a mess that they made.
  • During “quick pick-up” time we set a timer 20 minutes and see how much we can pick up.  It’s almost like a game.
  • If life isn’t too busy on Saturday I will try to finish my weekly chores in advance.  That way I have more time during the week.
  • The schedule is a GUIDE, not the gospel.  Some weeks we are out on dusting day, it’s okay, really it is.
  • My house is not always spotless.  Some weeks things just don’t go my way.  I move on.

Daily Chores

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Weekly Chores in Detail.

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So there you have our chore schedules!  Hopefully, these are a help to some of you out there who are struggling to maintain order in your home.  Whatever you do, please don’t expect perfection.  Some days are just too full of life to worry about a clean home.

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