Artist Study and Free Activities: Claude Monet (+ Free Art Study Cards!)

As you can probably tell by this month’s series, I love art. Studying artists and their work is fascinating, and I find it difficult to reel myself in. There are just so many incredible things to write about! One of my favorites, though, is the subject of today’s study: Claude Monet.

Edgar Degas Artist Study and Free Activities!

When I was a little girl, I loved the ballet. I took classes when my family’s budget would allow, and when that wasn’t possible, I listened to music from performances and looked at pictures of dancers every chance I got. Edgar Degas’ renditions of dancers were among my early favorites! I didn’t really understand everything that went into them, but I loved looking at his dancers. They were graceful, beautiful, flowy, and strong…but they were also real. He somehow managed to capture both the fantasy of the ballet and the reality of the dancer’s lives. How he did this is really an interesting story!

Vincent van Gogh Unit Study and Art Activity

Vincent van Gogh Artist Study and Activities

The works of Vincent van Gogh are some of the best-known paintings in the art world. Starry Night and Sunflowers, for example, can be found everywhere from items in gift shops to picture books and children’s projects. What is fascinating, however, is his sheer range. How could the man who painted The Potato Eaters have also created Field with Poppies just a few years later?

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