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15 Homeschool Tips for Beginners

So I thought today I would impart some of my vast wisdom (she says with sarcasm) on our beginner homeschoolers. Maybe you are just considering homeschooling?  Here are my top 15 homeschool tips for beginners.  Some of these I was smart enough to do, others not so much.  Learn from my mistakes!

Are you just starting your homeschool journey? Do you need some encouragement from a mom that's been there? Check out my 15 homeschool tips for beginners. #homeschool #homeschooltips


1).  Find a Mentor!!!

Yes, that is a lot of exclamation points, but this is a big one.  Find a veteran homeschooler and latch on to them!  I actually used this advice from the beginning.  I won’t lie, my mentor was probably ready to jump off a cliff by the time I settled in.  There are times now that I will still call her.  Take advantage of those who have walked the path before you.

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2).  Join a Group

Now please do not join a group if you don’t plan on committing to said group.  However, a homeschool group can serve a couple of purposes.  First, it shows your kiddo that they are not the only homeschooled kid in the world. Second, it shows you that you are not the only homeschool mom in the world!  You can gain a wealth of information from these ladies.

A group can be a place to socialize as well as take advantage of cool activities that you can’t access as an individual.  Our group offers field trips, science/social studies fairs, awards day, graduation, testing & portfolio services, & guest speakers.  These activities are all on top of our regular gym & class sessions.

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3).  Expect Some Hiccups

This is a big one.  Forget perfection.  I don’t care how long you spend on Pinterest and YouTube.  Nothing ever goes according to plan, and homeschooling is no different.  Go in expecting that things will NOT always go according to your plan.

4).  It’s Okay to Skip

No, I’m not talking about the whole subject of math here.  Man, I wish!  I mean if little Jill knows how to write her name is it beneficial for her to do it 50 times in one day?  Probably not.

My point is that you don’t have to do everything listed in the curriculum.  Sometimes it’s okay not to check every box.  Know what you need to cover and move beyond the rest.  Busy work isn’t a requirement to homeschool.

5).  Don’t Be a Public School

When I started, our homeschool room modeled the best public school classroom.  We had name tags on the desks, and colorful posters on the wall.  Everyone had their own workstation with color-coded pencil boxes.

Now my youngest has decided she likes to do school in the closet.  Oh yes, we still have our room, mainly because we have tons of junk to store in there.  They can use it, or they can go into the closet.  It matters not to me.

Remember just because you homeschool doesn’t mean you have to look like the “real” school at home.  Let everyone find their groove.

6).  Embrace Change

Sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel.  Even if that particular towel has already been thrown in three times and you have spent a small fortune on math curriculum.  Know when something isn’t working and move on.

7).  Fun is Okay Too

When I started homeschooling everything was a lesson.  We did math in the grocery store, community helpers at the bank, and vacation was always a “learning experience.”

While it is true that life is a learning adventure, you do not have to study sand animals while at the beach.  (Oh yes, I did it) Sometimes it’s okay to build a sand castle.


Okay, did you see I yelled that one?  That’s because this is the one we often forget.  We are with these kiddos 24/7, and it’s okay if we want a break.

Is your local group holding a Mom’s Night Out?  If you feel motivated to actually get cleaned up, take that opportunity.  Need a 10-minute break?  Take it!  If you have to turn on a 30 minute TV program, it will not kill them. You have to have time too.

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9).  Know Your Style

This one has always been my downfall.  I want to be a Charlotte Mason, unit study, crafty mom.  The truth is, I’m not.  I have spent years (and lots of $$) trying to be a type that I am not.  At the end of the day, I feel insecure without worksheets in the core subjects.  Can I do fun things on the side?  Yes!  This fun stuff will never be my “core” curriculum though, no matter how much I want it to be.  I’m finally okay with that.

10).  Know Your Child’s Style

Just like you have your own style, your child does as well.  The trick is finding the happy place in the middle.  I have one child who can read and understand anything I throw at her.  My other child has to hear, or watch, to learn.  I don’t believe learning styles are exclusive though.  I believe my children learn best from a variety of styles, even if they are stronger in some and weaker in others.

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11).  Be sure that “can’t” really isn’t “won’t.”

This truth is a BIGGIE at our house, and it has taken me YEARS to figure it out.  My oldest child struggles with math.  I have changed math curriculum constantly, thinking it “wasn’t working” for her.

Truthfully, she is lazy when it comes to math.  She does need a curriculum that continually focuses on review.  Other than that I have probably wasted a ton of time and money on the changes.  It is a subject she struggles with, so she despises it.  Be sure that the problem isn’t a lack of effort on your child’s part BEFORE you blame it on the curriculum.

12).  You don’t have to know everything.

I always hear this comment from people who are considering homeschooling.  “There’s no way I could do that.  I don’t know enough.”  Let me tell you a secret…….I don’t either!  It’s been YEARS since I have taken algebra.  That’s why I have a curriculum.

There are many ways for your student to learn.  We are blessed as modern homeschool moms because we have the internet at our fingertips.  You will discover that this is the smallest problem in homeschooling.

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13).  Review is important

This is another area that caused me problems early on.  I neglected to review as often as I should.  My daughter struggles with math and needs constant math fact review.  My struggling reader has to regularly review sight words.

At our house, we have a very brief “homework” time in the evening. This is just about 10-15 minutes after dinner that we use to go over flash cards for both girls.  Review, Review, Review…..It will save you time later.

14). It won’t all be fun

**Sigh….This is a reality.  It can’t all be fun and games.  There are going to be some days that are just boring.  If you try to make every second, of every day, into over the top excitement you are going to be left with an exhausted mom, as well as a child that has unrealistic expectations of life.  The truth is some things are work.  It may not be fun, but that’s life.

15).  Be flexible

Inevitably things will come up.  There are times where someone is sick, or where an unexpected appointment comes up in the middle of the week.  Sometimes a child may have to take a concept slower than you originally anticipated, or you may find that you need a new curriculum in the middle of February.

Your homeschool will not always go according to plan.  Please go in anticipating this, so you are not tempted to go into shock when things derail a little. Eventually, you will figure it all out and get back on track.

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So there you go…..Those are my 15 homeschool tips for beginners!  Remember the same things never work for everyone, but hopefully, these will help you out at least a little.  Need more help?  Check out my Comprehensive Homeschool Guide.

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