Summer Survival Guide for Homeschool Moms

When I first started homeschooling I had this funny thought that I would use summer to regain some of my sanity.  Ha!  It seems like it would be easier right?  I mean we are already used to our kids being here all day and this takes away all (or at least part) of the school work right?  Nope!

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Let me tell you a secret; summer is messy and chaotic.  I’m thoroughly convinced that it can break even the most seasoned homeschool mom.  Maybe I’m alone in this, but late nights, coupled with unscheduled days, leads to mass chaos at my house.  So to help us all survive I’ve put together a summer survival guide for homeschool moms.  It’s time to put on our game faces.  Keep reading to see my not quite serious tips.

Summer Survival Tip #1 – Stock the Fridge

Preparation is the key on this one, and when I say preparation I mean prepare like a zombie apocalypse is about to occur.  You only THOUGHT they were continually eating before.  As a homeschool mom, I feel like I’m pretty used to the constant feeding schedule during the school year.  However, this summer business is crazy!  The regular 5 daily feedings have turned into 9.  Now I’m normally all about the healthy food, but nothing brings out my prepackaged side like summer.  By the second week of summer, I’m listing all the nutritional perks of cereal.  “Go ahead and eat it, the box says whole wheat and it’s at least flavored like fruit.”

Summer Survival Tip #2 – Throw away all the glitter

Now I know what you are thinking, this seems extreme.  Does it though?  Do you know what happens with those extra 3 or 4 hours that you USED to spend doing school?  They turn into craft time, and this is especially true if you have girls.  And let’s not forget the extreme mutation powers of glitter.  Let’s face it; glitter is the head lice of the craft world.  That stuff spreads like wildfire and you can’t get rid of it! Warning, if you don’t heed my advice, it’s only a matter of time before it looks like Tinkerbell threw up in your living room, your kitchen, your dining room, and how on earth does glitter get in MY bedroom?  

Summer Survival Tip #3 – Get out the boxing gloves

Technically my children should be used to being together all day long.  Apparently, though, they aren’t.  Three days into summer break my home turns into the staging area for a WWF match.  The other day I seriously broke up four spats before breakfast.

The new favorite phrase here is “She did it!”  My new favorite answer is “Ah, I love you, but mommy doesn’t care.  Please stop tattling.” I long ago learned it was best to let my girls work out their spats on their own.  If you need me, I will be in the corner with the karaoke machine…”In this corner we have……”

(Disclaimer:  Please don’t call CPS on me, they aren’t violent, they just love to argue & tattle.)

Summer Survival Tip #4 – Prepare some boredom busters

What is it with kids and the words, “I’m bored”?  First, how do you wake up bored?  Apparently, this phenomenon can happen before your feet even hit the floor.  Second, do I look like a good source of fresh & fun activities?  I’m a homeschool mom who blogs for a living. My favorite pastime is curriculum shopping, and they want MY ideas for excitement.  Let me get out my magic fun wand and conjure up something for you.  Some of my great ideas – scrubbing the toilet, cleaning the bottom of the trash can, and cutting the grass with scissors.  Bonus points if you put them in a cute little jar with a ribbon, you know to build up some excitement.

Summer Survival Tip #5 – Plan loads of cool activities

Get ready for this one…..One week into summer your kiddos will start to tell you about how Jimmy’s mom took him on a nature walk to pick fresh berries which they later made into homemade ice cream.  Perhaps Jenny’s mom took her to Disney World & they all wore their monogrammed t-shirts.  Yes dearie, but do they educate their children at home?  Nope.  Here grab your PB&J and have a super fun picnic out on the deck.  If you are feeling super adventurous let them make t-shirts that say “we travel in the off-season.”

(In case you do feel like being a cool mom here are some Staycation ideas.)

Summer Survival Tip #6 – Find a good summer camp

One year my girls both went to a day camp.  I laid in the pool for six hours straight and ate junk food that I didn’t have to share.  (This is a true story.)  Summer is FULL of these cool activities where they will keep your kids all day.  While I love having my kiddos home, they are here 365 days a year/ 24 hours a day.  Dangle a couple of hours at a camp in front of my nose, and their bags are packed before the ink dries on the paper.  No guilt here.

So there are my top summer survival tips for homeschool moms.  Do you have any to add?

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