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Teaching Writing in Your Homeschool

Recently, I asked a question on my Facebook page: “If you could pay someone to teach any subject for you, what would it be?”

The most popular answer?


Teaching Writing in Your Homeschool

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(Not surprisingly, the second most popular answer was math, but that will have to wait for another series!).

Why Teach Writing?

Writing is a skill that is quickly becoming essential in every field, as well as in daily life.

Once upon a time, it was something that was reserved for formal projects and letters. Now, it is simply how we communicate with each other.

Technology has opened up a lot of opportunities – and many of them require skill in writing.

From success in college or business to writing for a blog or website, writing is an important skill. Even emails and connecting on social media require writing!

Teaching our kids to write means teaching them to work with and analyze ideas.

It includes teaching them to communicate clearly without the benefit of facial expression or tone of voice. And it includes teaching them to organize and structure their thoughts so that others can easily grasp them.

I think we would all agree that these are important skills to have!

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The Difficulties of Teaching Writing

Writing is a skill that we all know our kids will need. It’s also one that many of us have no idea how to teach!

This is often because we were never really taught to write well…and, well, it’s difficult to teach something that you don’t feel confident about.

That’s why I’m here to help!

I’m one of those odd people that actually enjoys teaching writing. I love to see the light bulbs go on, and it’s just plain fun.

I realize that not everyone sees teaching writing as fun, though. So, over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing some of my best tips, tricks, and methods designed to help you teach your kids to write well and have fun doing so.

Are you wondering what you should be teaching at each stage of the game?

Do you worry that you’re not doing enough, or that you’re pushing your children too hard?

I’ll cover that and give you an easy-to-follow timeline of when to teach which skills.

Does your child stare helplessly at a blank sheet of paper, willing words to appear? Or do you have a child that will gladly write for hours, but lacks structure and flow?

I can help with both.

Along the way, I’ll offer up several fun and free activities, teaching tips, and printables. Here’s a free one to get you started!

I’ll share my thoughts on various curriculum choices, since I’ve had the chance to review and use many of them.

There will also be tips to help you make writing fun by tying it to other subjects (things your kids do enjoy) and holiday activities!

And because I have had the opportunity to teach a wide range of kids, I’ll give ideas for modifying your instruction to meet the needs of gifted, special needs, and 2E kids.

I’ll also give ideas for how to reach kids who just learn differently. They really all can learn to write well!

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  1. Because I’m a writer, I (incorrectly) assumed that my daughter would love writing. Uh, no. CRUSHING. (LOL) I look forward to this!

  2. I was the same way with my son – it seemed he enjoyed everything *but* writing lol! It took some creativity and different teaching methods to get him there, but now he loves it. We’ll get her there! 😉

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